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So incommunicado Mr Zuckerberg!

My best British mate, Dave, dropped me an article on Saturday from The Telegraph in relation to the theme of social media following in Chaucer’s footsteps with evolving the English language.  Here’s the link to it: In my mind I can … Continue reading

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Beginning, Middle and End of The Road

The story that led to this blog, and possibly a book, began over 5 years ago, and on the day of the tube and bus bombings in London – the infamous 7/7/2005. It was then that I met a man called Dave Longley at a conference in … Continue reading

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The Double Double Decker to Deptford and Beyond

As I was wondering what to blog about tonight, as a lead-in to the next leg of the journey along that road less travelled to Canterbury, I turned on the TV just at the point of an interview between Piers … Continue reading

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The Gardener’s Tale

Once upon a time a saying was invented that “every Englishman’s home is his castle” and set in motion a trend in that country that everyone has a right to a place that is protected and respected, so that they can safely call it “home”.  Sadly, not … Continue reading

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The Big O.E.

I don’t know what prompted me to decide to write up my stories and discoveries about England and Ireland now, twenty years on from when I first set foot upon these shores, because surely I would have had ample opportunity … Continue reading

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