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Those Shaggy Tales: when and where did they begin and end?

A Brief Recap Well, here’s where the tale of the trail and the tales properly begins – with an exploration into finding the original road to Canterbury, and then along to a trip to each stop-off with a few good friends sharing their tales of the modern day … Continue reading

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The Gardener’s Tale

Once upon a time a saying was invented that “every Englishman’s home is his castle” and set in motion a trend in that country that everyone has a right to a place that is protected and respected, so that they can safely call it “home”.  Sadly, not … Continue reading

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The Film-maker’s Pilgrim Tale

So retracing my steps along this meta-physical road, from my start in 1991 with seeking a place that may never have existed (Camelot) to one that definitely has and does to this day (Canterbury), has left me wondering about what makes or made either road … Continue reading

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The Big O.E.

I don’t know what prompted me to decide to write up my stories and discoveries about England and Ireland now, twenty years on from when I first set foot upon these shores, because surely I would have had ample opportunity … Continue reading

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The Supply Chain Planner’s Tale

I met a man with a plan last weekend, whose stories and ways reminded me of Chaucer’s Merchant and his tale – but maybe we all have some aspect of those characters and their stories in us today?  You decide, starting with what Chaucer had to … Continue reading

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The Nanny’s Tale

Never judge a book by it’s cover Unknown origin Last Saturday night, 2 April 2011, I met up with some others who I have met in my journey back along the road I chose not to travel when I first came to … Continue reading

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The Resonance of Arthur

The majority of those travellers that I met in Winchester back then were fascinated by the legend of King Arthur. Similar to me, they had decided to start their journey in the ancient capital of England, but were as much … Continue reading

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In the Beginning, there was the word

In the beginning, there was the word. How much different would history have been for the accolytes picking up on it, if that word was meant to be “good”, but was written down instead as “god”?  How much difference would a letter make to what people would … Continue reading

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April 1st, no fooling

In some places still, there may be people unwittingly celebrating the start of the medieval year right now – and giving each other chocolate fish. Perhaps in France, where they would be commemorating the change in the start of the year to … Continue reading

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