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Where The Ocean Meets The Sky

“MAU KEMANA?”, yelled my Indonesian friend, as we watched a brown-skinned, long-haired and long-legged girl in a yellow floral sun dress stride purposefully by.  “DOWN TO THE SEA”, came the translated reply. “Where exactly?”, said I, waltzing over, but relying … Continue reading

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The sea theme stayed with us as we crossed over the magnificent Severn Bridge into Wales. From having been stuck on the M4 motorway all the way from London, suddenly you are aware of the coastline because, as you drive further … Continue reading

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The Lost Pilgrims of The West

Going further west than I had ever done before, I was expecting to see and meet more of those that I originally met heading The Alternative Way, as I have dubbed it.  This would mean finding those who were more caught up … Continue reading

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One Day’s Ride from London

 What a difference a day makes!   24 little hours, or so the old song goes (and try clicking on this link to play this song as you’re reading this – as I am hoping you’ll find that that too makes a difference … Continue reading

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Those Shaggy Tales: when and where did they begin and end?

A Brief Recap Well, here’s where the tale of the trail and the tales properly begins – with an exploration into finding the original road to Canterbury, and then along to a trip to each stop-off with a few good friends sharing their tales of the modern day … Continue reading

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The Film-maker’s Pilgrim Tale

So retracing my steps along this meta-physical road, from my start in 1991 with seeking a place that may never have existed (Camelot) to one that definitely has and does to this day (Canterbury), has left me wondering about what makes or made either road … Continue reading

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The Big O.E.

I don’t know what prompted me to decide to write up my stories and discoveries about England and Ireland now, twenty years on from when I first set foot upon these shores, because surely I would have had ample opportunity … Continue reading

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