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Raising and erasing spirits

Seeing as I had not been able to get a booking at my first coaching inn in my last minute decision to follow up on my theory of the three days’ trip to Canterbury, I thought it was just going to be an … Continue reading

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One Day’s Ride from London

 What a difference a day makes!   24 little hours, or so the old song goes (and try clicking on this link to play this song as you’re reading this – as I am hoping you’ll find that that too makes a difference … Continue reading

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Those Shaggy Tales: when and where did they begin and end?

A Brief Recap Well, here’s where the tale of the trail and the tales properly begins – with an exploration into finding the original road to Canterbury, and then along to a trip to each stop-off with a few good friends sharing their tales of the modern day … Continue reading

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The Film-maker’s Pilgrim Tale

So retracing my steps along this meta-physical road, from my start in 1991 with seeking a place that may never have existed (Camelot) to one that definitely has and does to this day (Canterbury), has left me wondering about what makes or made either road … Continue reading

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The Supply Chain Planner’s Tale

I met a man with a plan last weekend, whose stories and ways reminded me of Chaucer’s Merchant and his tale – but maybe we all have some aspect of those characters and their stories in us today?  You decide, starting with what Chaucer had to … Continue reading

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The Nanny’s Tale

Never judge a book by it’s cover Unknown origin Last Saturday night, 2 April 2011, I met up with some others who I have met in my journey back along the road I chose not to travel when I first came to … Continue reading

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April 1st, no fooling

In some places still, there may be people unwittingly celebrating the start of the medieval year right now – and giving each other chocolate fish. Perhaps in France, where they would be commemorating the change in the start of the year to … Continue reading

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